Summary of Two- Day Meeting- July 7-8, 2021 Neve Ilan


The Israeli partners of the Promentors project attended a two- day meeting at C Hotel in Neve Ilan. It was a productive meeting that gave participants opportunities to present their work in the field and experience workshops and group discussions that exposed them to the activities and processes of mentor courses in various colleges. Sahknin College presented an assessment tool for partnerships and collaboration based on their experiences with various partnerships during this year in development and implementation of Promentors’ mentors courses. Dr. Dalia Emanuel presented an overview of the mentor courses in the project and discussed with the participants future insights and future directions of the courses, including accreditation in Master degrees program. Seminar Hakibbutzim and Sahknin Colleges presented the assessment tool, analysis and guidelines for the mentor course syllabi. The next part of the first day, Kaye College led an excellent workshop that gave the participants an opportunity to experience mentors course activities focusing on autonomy, reciprocity, and dialogue. The next session of the day was in groups in which participants shared positive examples of mentor meetings which exposed other colleges to work in the field and brought forth new partnerships among the colleges. The final session of the first day was presentations given by colleges of key aspects of Promentors or its influence in the field, which was both practical and enlightening. 


The second day began with a managerial presentation and instructions given by Raul. The second session of the day was a presentation of the results of the preliminary interviews of mentors/ mentees and officials (municipal, ministry and school) which supported the direction and vision of Promentors. The next part of the meeting, presented by Beit Berl and Levinsky, focused on a collaborative, interactive (using Padlet) discussion of the content and the process of accreditation of mentors’ courses in masters’ degree programs. In addition, our European partners Keren and Ewa, joined the meeting by Zoom for feedback and a discussion of the content and processes of the accreditation syllabus.  An overview of the research done by the research teams was presented. The final session of the day was a summary of the two-day meeting, a discussion of the work plan and preliminary schedule for the coming year, 2021-2022 and other important issues. In conclusion, the meeting was varied, practical, and enlightening; an important step in the process and success of Promentors.

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