Promentors- PMB e- meeting July 20- 21, 2021


The Promentors international participants convened for a two-day PMB e- meeting. The first day began with an overview of the current status of the project and a summary of the implementation plan, based on the first year’s experiences, including insights of the Promentors courses, derived from surveys and questionnaires. The second part of the day put a spotlight on two stories connected to the effect Promentors has had in the field. The first story presented how the models of the project are a catalyst for a new model of practical training at Talpiot College. The second story, from Gordon College, presented how personal stories of mentors and the mediator of the course change the perspective mentees have of their mentors, and teaching, in general. The second half of the first day focused on challenges and (new) directions with Promentors’ mentors’ courses for next year and included a panel of mentors, mentees, course coordinators and school’s representatives      

Day Two continued with mentors and mentees sharing their personal view and experiences from the Promentors mentor courses. The second session focused on the Promentors model of accreditation in master’s programs with a discussion of issues, challenges and solutions.  Our European partners and Kaye College presented the topic of autonomy and dialogue, while our Polish partner gave an overview of the Polish contribution to the 2021-22 workshop topics and schedule. Mofet and Gordon College presented issues and directives dealing with dissemination and exploitation. Managerial issues were presented with clear instructions and scheduling, as well.  The final part of the day, on a hopeful note, dealt with the conference planned for the week of October 10, 2021, in Finland, depending on the situation of Covid 19.     


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