Promentors Monthly Meeting – October 15, 2020


The Israeli Promentors partners had a work meeting on October 15, 2020. The meeting was divided into three parts.  The first part of the meeting focused on a presentation by the team at Kaye College about the pilot and the operation of the PGM model at the school incubator at Ikraa Secondary School. The presentation discussed the goals, process, structures, and models of the pilot. In addition, the assessment of the pilot discussed the assessment process, findings, advantages and challenges, limitations, and suggestions for the future.

The second part of the meeting included group breakout rooms that allowed colleges to share their syllabi and learn from each other about models, structure, and processes both similar and unique to each institution. This was followed by a plenary discussion of the issues of what it means to incorporate the European partners’ mentoring models, either only one or an eclectic combination. How much adaptation can be made of the models? Should the syllabi of the courses be based on principles and vision? What is the learning process framework?

The final part of the meeting focused on an overview of the internal evaluation program which is being coordinated by Mofet. It presented the interview process, participants, and questions. In addition, the survey section of the evaluation was discussed.

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