Promentors Monthly Meeting January 7th, 2020


The January 7th, 2021 monthly meeting of Promentors focused on several important issues.  The first part of the meeting included an overview, group discussions and a plenary discussion of the assessment guidelines for the colleges’ reports on the mentor courses. The outcome of the discussions included suggestions for how to prepare and implement the process, division of responsibility, issues of recording, ideas on how to share the mentor courses though media and other platforms and critical evaluation of the document and processes.

The second part of the meeting dealt with accreditation of Promentors’ mentors’ courses as part of master’s degrees within the approved masters programs in the colleges. The format will be incorporation of one elective course in an approved master’s degree which will be in workshop form. At the end of the program, the mentor will receive certification as a mentor in Promentors in addition to his/her master’s degree.

The final part of the meeting focused on presentations of Promentors as part of a virtual conference to be held at the Mofet Institute on March 9, 2021- “Unity in the Educational Coherence in the Sequence of Training, Specialization and Professional Learning of Teachers”. It focused on the concept of having a 60-to-90-minute session focusing on Promentors. The aspect of collaboration is central to the proposals that colleges can submit as part of the session. In addition, the Tel Aviv Education Conference  was discussed as an important conference that partners in Promentors should be  presenters, as well.

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