Promentors Meeting- September 12, 2021


The Israeli partners of the Erasmus+ Promentors project met on September 12, 2021 at the Mofet Institute for an important meeting dealing with the result of research dealing with various aspects of the project. The session began with an overview of the results of the interviews with the various stakeholders of the MITs of the colleges. It focused on the achievements, challenges and a discussion of insights that can positively affect the future of the MITS in the project. The next part of the meeting focused on presentations by Beit Berl, Levinsky and Kaye Colleges focusing on their MITs and mentor courses. The next part of the day was presentations and discussions dealing with various research being conducted by the partners. This part of the day exposed the partners to more details and insights dealing with the Promentors project and its effect in the field and with the stakeholders of the MITs. The day continued with a discussion of how Promentors can be more involved at the international level, such as a blog based on mentoring.  During the next part of the meeting, Mofet Institute presented the interview guidelines for the coming academic year.

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