Promentors Meeting- November 5, 2020


The Promentors Project had an Israeli partners meeting on November 5th, 2020 which focused on the internal evaluation of the Promentors program and presentation and analysis of the colleges’ syllabi and mentor course processes. Einat Goberman from Mofet gave an overview of the internal evaluation of the Promentors program beginning with the success indicators of WP 1 and WP 2. The main focus dealing with WP 3 presented the criteria to evaluate syllabi including rationale, meeting and other requirements of the Ministry of Education, roles of the stakeholders, amount of meetings and format, and the importance that the syllabi are reflected in the field. In addition, tools of evaluation and guidelines for reporting of meetings were discussed.

The second stage of the meeting incorporated breakout rooms where colleges shared their syllabi and the processes and concerns of their development. After the colleges’ presentations, each group discussed what can be learned from their peers and incorporated in other colleges syllabi and courses. The main insights were written on Padlet and discussed in the plenary. The presentations of the groups led to important insights dealing with the syllabi, courses and Promentors project.

The final stage of the meeting focused on questions and answers regarding the consortium meeting program on November 25-26, 2020.

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