Promentors Meeting- Israeli Partners Al- Qasemi Academic College- November 24, 2021


The Israeli partners of the Erasmus + Promentors project were hosted by the Al- Qasemi Academic College team for the monthly Promentors meeting on November 24, 2021. Dr. Sameer Majadele opened the session and Professor Anwar Ryan, president of the college, welcomed the partners. Dr. Reuma DeGroot presented the status of implementation of the mentors’ courses within the MIT workshops. In addition. Dr. Einat Guberman presented results of interviews of the interns, new teachers, mentors and stakeholders. During the next part of the day, the Al-Qasemi team mediated a workshop about the insights gained from the project’s visit to Finland. After a wonderful lunch, there was a round table discussion in the plenary about insights learned from last year and suggestions of new courses of action in light of the lessons learned. The round-table discussion included a discussion about the academic courses in the colleges’ current situation and challenges in combining the requirements and restraints of academia in the teaching induction process. An announcement was made that budget has been given to colleges for accredited courses in the Med. Programs which is an important milestone for the project.The final part of the meeting included a summary and preparation for future meetings.

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