Promentors Meeting- Colleges’ Preparations for mentors’ course in MITs/ Incubators      2020-2021


The Erasmus+ Promentors project convened a two-day meeting for the Israeli partners on August 24th and 26th, 2020. The goal of the two days was to plan MITs that incorporate mentors’ courses and learning processes that involve all relevant stakeholders in schools, municipalities, and officials from the ministry but focus on the specific needs and requirements of successful mentoring of interns and new teachers. The partner colleges shared their plans for their incubators, based on the five models of mentor training focused on in the Promentors project.

The presentation of findings of the status report of mentors’ course in incubators in both the institutional and local municipal models gave an overview of suggestions for the MITs, mentor courses and syllabus planning. In addition, the partners were given, in detail, thorough analysis of the mentoring models shared by the European partners which are the basis of the project’s mentoring courses, including the central paradigms in the mentoring field.

The main goals of the second day were two-fold; to build a generic syllabus from which each college will construct their syllabus and to define the practice aspects of the mentor course within the MIT, including practical and organizational aspects. Other issues discussed included how to bridge between theory to practice, how to build a plan on how to construct courses for mentors within the MITs that include autonomy, support, assessment, and self-efficacy and, finally, how to deal with the challenges and find solutions during the implementation process, especially considering the special reality the world is facing as a result of Covid-19..



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